Introducing Digiday IP

November 9, 2017
by David Amrani
Introducing Digiday IP

Today, Digiday Media is launching Digiday IP, a new digital intelligence tool available exclusively to Digiday+ members.

As a global media company, we produce a lot of IP, from our digital and magazine content to our subscriber-only research reports and beyond. But for digital pros on the go, there’s often no time to sift through our archives to find the perfect talking point for a meeting, to pull the perfect stat for a slide or to even get up to speed on a hot topic before a sales call.

Digiday IP will change that. By mining specific, brief and useful insights from everything we do and delivering them to you in a customized stream through your choice of topic (like “video”), focus (like “revenue”) and more, you can confidently enter a new situation with little notice armed and dangerous. See it in action:

For a company on a mission to help media and marketing professionals navigate the ever-shifting transition from analog to digital, it’s crucial that we continuously reimagine how to better prepare you for the journey ahead. This is a step in that direction.

So if you’re already a Digiday+ member, try it out here. We’ll be making tweaks and changes for a while to improve your experience, so if you have an idea, are hitting a wall, or just want to send your regards, send me a note at

Much more to come. Not a Digiday+ member? Join today.