Introducing the new Digiday Careers

March 31, 2017
by Mike Madarasz
Introducing the new Digiday Careers

Digiday is excited to introduce a completely new Digiday Careers. A redesigned site and a brand new awards program, the Digiday WorkLife Awards, highlight a refresh of Digiday’s careers product.

With a new, cleaner look and a redesigned interface, Digiday Careers’ new website delivers a more fluid user experience and better organizes a collection of job opportunities and careers content. Presented by Digiday Careers, the Digiday WorkLife Awards will showcase the top employers in media and marketing as well as the values and cultural initiatives that make them unique.

“We wanted to create a program that not only recognizes an interesting challenge for companies trying to understand culture, but also addresses a very important issue within the industry,” said Digiday Careers marketing manager, Kevin Lee. “The best places to work are often about more than what’s on the job description; they’re about the experiences and the interactions that motivate employees to want to be in the same room.”

More broadly, the award aims to recognize the importance of workplace culture in an age where culture and fit play an important role in hiring and retaining the best talent in the industry.

“Understanding how to establish company culture is one of the most important elements to building a great business,” said Digiday Media CEO Nick Friese. “It’s a conversation we constantly hear in our industry, and companies are always searching for the right formula to solve that elusive cultural equation. But the thing is, it’s different for every company, and that’s what makes it such a unique challenge and more importantly, a priority. We could not be more proud to debut this program as we understand the value that culture brings to this industry.”

The awards will recognize commitments to areas like employee growth, diversity, community involvement, innovative cultures and more. Check out the full list of categories here. One submission includes a complimentary job post on the Digiday Careers job board.

Contact Kevin Lee with any feedback.