Welcome to the refreshed Glossy

August 12, 2021
by Jill Manoff
Welcome to the refreshed Glossy

Glossy is a different brand than it was five years ago. When we launched Glossy, we said the aim was to cover fashion and luxury through the lens of digital and technology during “a time of seismic change.” Since then, we’ve expanded our coverage and products, built an engaged community, and experienced industry upheavals that put 2016’s changes to shame.

Now, our site reflects the brand we are today. It gives you more of the tools you’ve told us you want and allows us to evolve without limits, as fashion and beauty aren’t about to stand still.

Meet the new Glossy.

Our first all-new site, the updated setup brings to the forefront our standout beauty and Glossy Pop coverage, which we’ve introduced over time. Our Glossy+ subscription also didn’t exist when we first launched, so we’ve further spotlighted our Glossy+ exclusive content and elevated our subscribers’ experience. And finally, with additional content recommendations and navigation options, we’ve made it easier for you to discover more on what you’re interested in, at any given time.

Starting as a small focus area, the business of beauty has become central to Glossy’s coverage, driven by its own, accelerated transformation. Led by executive editor Priya Rao, we’ve built out our beauty reporting team and expanded our beauty products to include the Glossy Beauty Podcast, the Beauty & Wellness Briefing and dedicated events. We’ve found that you regularly go straight to the Beauty page, and now the page makes all that we offer in the category even more accessible.

In the same way, Glossy Pop is now more central to the site experience. In May, we introduced Glossy Pop to keep fashion and beauty fans in tune with the people, products and zeitgeisty moments gaining traction on emerging platforms. It’s now the source for keeping tabs on A-lister-brand collaborations and trends going viral on TikTok. As we did with beauty, we’re now building out this consumer-friendly content with editorial products specifically catered to its audience.

Coming soon is the Pop Shop, allowing you to see and shop all the buzzy products we’re covering on Glossy Pop. And our Glossy Pop newsletter launches this month. You can sign up to receive it here.

For Glossy+ subscribers, there are more resources available than ever, and we’ve organized them in a way that makes them easier to navigate. From the Glossy+ landing page, you can now access all of our weekly briefings, providing in-depth, timely snapshots of the industries, and our full video library, with leaders from top brands offering insights on their strategies. You’ll also find our proprietary research, an area that we’re expanding this fall to include more reports and exclusive data, and information on upcoming exclusive events. The Audio Opportunity series, on using Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces and podcasts to your advantage, kicks off this month. If you’re not yet a subscriber, now’s the time. Bonus: You can get 40% off your first three months when you subscribe today

Finally, the overall experience was made-over to be more user-friendly, especially on mobile. Depending on what you’re reading, you can find more on the topic, more by the author or related stories, with one click. In addition, you can see all stories in a new editorial series or listen to a podcast without leaving a page.

Thanks to Aaron Gottlieb, our director of product and audience, for leading the project. He was assisted by product manager Katie Johnson and associate product manager Grant Haven. Our chief creative officer, Ivy Liu, did the design, and our partners at Grandiz did the development.

We hope you enjoy the new Glossy.